Best and Worst Whole House Water Filters

With a whole house water filter you can transform your regular tap water into pure and clean water. There are many reasons why you should get a whole house water filter, and this include: improving the taste and odor of water and removing harmful contaminants and pollutants from it. If you are interesting in buying a high quality whole house water filter, check out this list of the best and worst whole house filter, so that you know which model could meet your needs.

Aquasana Rhino 600-PRO

The Aquasana Rhino 600-PRO is considered to be one of the most efficient water filtration systems on the market. If you want to compare this filter with similar models, go to and check out the reviews and ratings posted on that website. You will see that the Aquasana filter is way ahead of its competitors. This water filter is capable of filtering all sorts of chemicals, pollutants, microorganism and bacteria from drinking water and each system comes with a number of features, such as a salt-free softener, sub micron post-filter and a UV filter. The filters are extremely inexpensive and the filtration unit itself is durable and reliable so this a unit that will last for a long time.

3M Aqua Pure

A goog quality whole house water filter, like the 3M Aqua Pure can help you filter water from a large home or even a small property. Because it is made with non-corrosive stainless steel, this particular water filter is very durable. We like that 3M Aqua Pure requires no tools because the cartridge itself has the filter integrated in it so when it comes to installing this stem in your house, things couldn’t be easier.

Purenex 20-inch Big Blue

The Purenex 2-inch Big Blue is a whole house water filter that is capable of filtering major contaminants and pollutants from all water sources in your house thanks to the multi-stage filtration that it comes with. Compared to many similar products, the unit itself doesn’t have an appealing design and the unit itself lacks in features. So if you are looking for a filter that has a modern design and comes with multiple features, opt for a Aquasana water filter instead or other whole house water filtration system that is packed with useful features.

DPont WFPF13003B Whole House Water Filtration System

This whole house water filtration system includes a cartridge filter that needs to be installed near your water supply. Although there are many different types of filter that can fit the system, the Dpont whole house water filter includes a basic carbon filter that removes poor taste of water, sediment and debris. However, this filter is not capable of removing heavy metals or soften water and the unit itself is made of cheap plastic, so it’s not a reliable water filtration system.