Common Household Spots where Bacteria Lurks

You can’t get rid of something unless you find it, and this is the issue when dealing with the bacteria that lurks in our homes. Therefore, if you want to find out which are the common household spots where bacteria lurks to be able to get rid of it, read the following lines.

The floors and carpets

It’s obvious that a lot of germs and bacteria lurk in the carpets and on the floors, and for those who have small children it’s mandatory to deal with them if they want to provide the small ones with a clean and healthy environment to grow in. To maintain clean floors and carpets, the best solution that you can turn to is to buy and use the iRobot Roomba 980, which is the the best robot vacuum.

For the price of $900, this robotic vacuum cleaner will provide you with the necessary power to ensure that the floors are clean and bacteria free. What makes this unit the best robot vacuum is the fact that it operates continuously for about 2 hours on a single charge, if the battery is low it goes to the station to recharge itself and it continues to clean the surfaces if it wasn’t done with them. Moreover, due to the cliff-detection sensors you won’t have to worry about this device falling down the stairs because it avoids them. The low-profile design allows it to thoroughly vacuum even under the furniture. You can even set it to start vacuuming at a certain hour of the day if you want to find everything clean when you come back, and due to its HEPA-style filters it’s able to trap bacteria and dust as small as 1 micron.


No matter how well you think you washed the laundry, whether we’re talking about clothes, garments, bed sheets, or drapes, there is still bacteria lurking on them and the only way to get rid of it is by using the Rowenta IS6200 garment steamer that you can own for the price of $130. This garment steamer will efficiently eliminate the bacteria and germs that lurk on the laundry with the help of the steam that it releases. It has an impressive 81 ounce removable water tank that ensures an hour of continuous operation, for convenience in movement to make it easier to go around the room when you’re sanitizing the drapes it comes with large back wheels, and it comes with a built-in clothes hanger with clips and a hook to provide comfort when you’re steaming the bacteria and wrinkles off of your laundry.

The mattress

One of the most common bacteria in any house lays where we sleep, the bacteria that we’re talking about being the nasty dust mites that like to lurk in your mattress, affecting your health and even causing allergies for sensitive people. To make sure that you’re not sleeping on a bed of dust mites, you should pay the $2400 for it and buy the Essentia Tatami natural memory foam mattress, ensuring that dust mites will never lurk on it due to the fact that it’s organic and made only from natural materials that don’t provide a good growing ground for the pesky mites. Also, this mattress provides the ideal support for all the 7 zones of your body for you to get a relaxing and energizing night’s sleep with the help of its 7 zones latex layer.

The keyboard

One of the dirtiest places in the house, probably comparable only to the toilet is the keyboard. This device is infested with bacteria due to the fact that we put our dirty hands on it, we eat above it, and the truth is that we don’t really pay attention to cleaning it, mostly doing this once every 1-2 years when it starts to look like mushrooms are going to grow out of it. A great cleaning product that will help you get rid of the bacteria and dirt that has settled on your keyboard is the Gulu Magic Keyboard Cleaner Gel Sticky Jelly that you can have for only $3. It’s not only very efficient, leaving behind a safe to use keyboard once you’re done cleaning with it, but it’s incredibly easy to use and fun as well.