Environmental-friendly storage solutions you should try today


People that choose a green lifestyle oftentimes struggle in all their decisions. This happens because of their continuous desire to leave a smaller print on the environment and use renewable resources and solutions that won’t impact the environment further. Whether you DIY your furniture, and why not, storage solutions, whether you invest in storage units Halifax (since they already exist), there is always a solution for each necessity. Keep reading below if you want to find out more about some of the most environmentally-friendly storage solutions out there.

1. Rent, don’t buy – Storage units

The “rent, don’t buy!” philosophy seems to be the most appropriate for those families who live a green life. This may be the perfect solution if you have plenty of items which you don’t want to throw away, because they might endanger the environment, or for those items that are seasonal and you don’t have the necessary storage space. This smart solution is perfect for individuals like yourself, because it makes it possible for you to use the already existing resources, without investing in cardboard boxes or other elements that may have an enormous impact on the environment, especially because of their manufacturing processes. Storage units have always existed, and will always exist, and you can use this smart solution for your particular case. You will be able to keep all your belongings safe, in a controlled space, while preventing further damage to the environment. Specialists recommend using dedicated comparison platforms in order to select the right storage unit for your situation.

2. DIY copper wire baskets

Copper wire leftovers from your home projects may be successfully used to create interesting home décor or truly useful items. You will only need copper wire leftovers, a hot glue gun and part of your spare time. You will start by creating a loop from your wire, to which you will attach vertically several other pieces. A wider loop will represent the top of the basket and the intermediary sections must be adapted to the resulted dimensions. This is an easy, fun project, in which you can involve your children. A greener alternative is to braid your basket. This way you will eliminate the glue.

3. Give up cardboard boxes

As we all know the manufacturing process of cardboard boxes is quite a damaging one for the environment. Thus, when you decide to invest in storage solutions for your kitchen, you could opt for greener alternatives, such as old, refurbished wood boxes or even glass jars. This is a great idea if you want to keep your kitchen tidy with as little as possible effects on the environment.  

These are some smart solutions for a tidy, yet eco-friendly storage systems that will make you feel better about yourself. Environmental issues gain more and more popularity, as the print left on the environment in the past few years is increasing. However, these solutions will certainly meet those eco-friendly standards that you have.