Green Security Solutions for a Safer Home

The safety of your home is an important matter that should become your greatest concern, as well as your care for the environment should be a top priority. Luckily, the two must not exclude each other as you can rely on many green solutions to keep your home safe. Below, we provide you some useful environmentally-friendly solutions that will make sure you will stay safe at home.

Solar-powered security cameras

Given that security cameras are the most efficient security solution, installing one will be a great way of making your home safer. A solar-powered version will also help you save on the electricity usage as it will collect energy from the sun in order to operate. Such a camera uses a solar panel that gathers power from the sun and turns it into electricity that allows it to operate and record what happens outside your home.

Motion detection lights

The outdoor lighting is as important as the indoor one because burglars tend to choose homes with poor yard lighting that will keep them out of sight. This is why it’s important to have lights around your entire yard, but this will imply massive costs and plenty of energy waste. Instead of leaving the lights on outside your house, you can opt for motion detection lights that use motion sensors to activate the lights when they sense strange movements. This way, you will limit the energy used for keeping the lights on an entire night but your house will keep being safe as intruders will be discouraged.

Lighting control

It’s best that you leave the lights on inside the house when it gets dark, especially if there is no one at home or if your house will be empty for a long period of time. There is nothing more tempting that an empty house whose owners will be out for long, so make sure you don’t turn your home into an easy target. But leaving the lights on for days will mean electricity waste that you want to avoid and motion lights won’t work in this situation. What you need are timed lights that turn on and off at certain time intervals to give the impression that there is someone in your house at all times.

Garage door openers

Another green solution for a safe home is the garage door opener, a smart device that makes sure your garage door stays closed so it won’t become an entrance way for intruders. A garage door opener uses little electricity to open and close the garage doors and it can also offer you motion lights that turn on and off when you arrive or leave your home.To compare the features and the energy consumption of the best garage door openers, visit On that website, you will find numerous reviews that will help you make the right choice for your garage’s security.