How to Build an Eco Outdoor Kitchen

Any Eco enthusiast loves to redesign an entire space and make it as Eco friendly as possible, and if you’re one of the many people who have adopted this lifestyle yourself, you can easily build your own Eco outdoor kitchen if you simply follow the advice given in the following lines.

Create a sustainable design

To build the perfect Eco outdoor kitchen it’s best to use poured concrete for the dining area and for the prep area, and if you have leftover materials around from when you made the house, you can use them to create a cute fence around the outdoor kitchen. This way you save money and you put the leftover materials to good use instead of throwing them and not knowing if they will ever be used as they should or if they will simply be left to degrade and pollute the environment.

Add an herb and vegetable garden

Next to the food preparation area where you have the counters you should plant and grow an herb and vegetable garden, once these vegetables and herbs grow being able to prepare meals and salads with 100% natural ingredients that are the product of your own hard work. Also, eating the food that you grow is by far the best way to ensure healthy food for yourself and for your loved ones every time you cook.

Plant trees behind the counters

A great addition to the Eco outdoor garden is planting trees like Meyer lemon trees and Bearss lime trees behind the counters to have easy access to fresh lemons and limes at all times. This way, when you prepare a salad you can add the juice from a freshly picked lemon in it, making sure that the lemon you are using hasn’t been injected with who knows what to grow, and giving you the satisfaction of using your own products when you cook as well.

Use the Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a grill to use for preparing the food. If you read some outdoor grill reviews, you will see that the best option to go with for an Eco outdoor kitchen is the Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill that you can have for the price of $700. In case that natural gas is an option at your residence, this propane grill can be converted to a natural gas grill to further save money when it comes to the consumption of gas, but no matter what you go with, either natural gas or propane, it’s still a more Eco friendly choice than an electrical grill.

Based on numerous outdoor grill reviews, it seems that this gas grill is very durable, as it has a high quality construction of stainless steel that makes it a large term investment. It also has 3 stainless steel primary burners that add to a total of 38000 BTU to provide you with even and efficient cooking, it has a generous total cooking space of 507 square inches, and it comes with an amazing 10 year warranty for the burners, and 2 year warranty for the other parts of the grill.