How to Create an Eco Friendly Interior Design

Being Eco friendly isn’t only about what you eat and the decisions that you take regarding your lifestyle, but it regards the environment that you live in as well. Therefore, if you are looking to create an Eco friendly interior design for your home, you should read the following lines to find out which are the changes that you must make.

Natural and organic materials

Items made from materials like chromed metal, particleboard, and plastic should be thrown away immediately if you want to create an Eco friendly home, because they do a lot of damage to the environment. Insted of going with items made from these toxic materials, it’s better to invest the money required and only go with organic and natural materials, because they might indeed cost a lot of money, but they’re worth every penny you spend on them if you’re a real “green” person.

Use plants as decorations

The main trait of any Eco friendly interior design is the fact that the rooms are filled with as many plants as possible, creating a green heaven to live in. The plants won’t only increase the quality of your indoor air and help you win another battle in the war against pollution, but they will look magnificent as well, being the ideal decorations to go with.

Grow indoor vertical gardens

Growing indoor vertical gardens won’t only be a big plus for your new Eco friendly interior design, but if you plant vegetables in these gardens you’ll have 100% natural ingredients for the food that you’ll prepare from then on. Therefore, don’t forget about this very important element of an Eco friendly home, because both your decor and your health will benefit from it.

Energy efficient lighting

If you don’t already have energy efficient lighting sources, go to the store and buy compact flourescent lights for your entire home. This way you will save a lot of energy, the electrical bill being dramatically reduced, and by having them you will prevent the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gasses as well, making your home healthier for you to live in and more friendly toward the environment at the same time.

Natural wood furniture

Change all the furniture in your house with furniture made from wood blocks, being the most organic and natural materials that you can go with, and it gives you the opportunity to make the furniture look however you want if you customize it. When it comes to the table tops, you can choose materials like stone or marble to create the perfect Eco friendly house.

Flooring made from wood or stone

Aside from your furniture, you have to change the material from which your floors are made from as well. Therefore, go with the most Eco friendly materials available for all the floors in your house, these materials being laminated flooring, stone, wood, and marble, materials that will give your home a pleasant ambiance as well.