How to decorate an eco-friendly home?

Home is the place where the whole family feels comfortable. Thus, it should be designed and decorated according to the owners’ personality. There are people who compare their homes with a small universe full of joy and harmony.

But, there is also true that keeping up with the interior designers’ trends it is also important. For example, in the last period, there are more and more people who seem interested in having an eco-friendly house. However, decorating this type of house may be a challenge sometimes. Here are some tips for making things easier.

Decorate your house with the help of amazing ribbons

Does it seem like an out of the ordinary idea? Well, then you should do it. Just order a large quantity of everyday ribbons and try to use your imagination for creating accessories. Due to the fact that it is a green house, you may start with natural ingredients such as orange peels, cinnamon, chestnuts, dried fruits, stones, lavender and more. You can get some amazing flowers bouquets, some scented potpourri and the list may continue.

On the other hand, forget about plastic materials or other types of decorations which can have a harmful effect on the environment. Also, try to not waste resources such as wood or paper.

Add as many plants as you can

There is nothing more suitable for an eco-friendly house than plants. This is the reason why you should add some on your balcony or even inside your bedroom. They can help enjoy a better quality of air. But be careful what types of plants you choose. For example, lilies have a great flavour, but they can make the air from a room more difficult to breath.

Transform the trash into style and elegant decorations

It may sound difficult to believe, but if use your creativity, you can transform the garbage into some fancy decorations which can be used for decorating your house. For example, think about the old bottles that you have been keeping in the basement or in the attic.  You can get some amazing flower pots if you paint them. However, if you do not know how to create these decorations, you can watch some videos. There are those famous DIY (do it yourself videos) that you can find some on YouTube. Also, you can take some courses, if you have the necessary time. Or maybe, one of your friends can help you.