How to Design and Organize an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

If you’re about to start renovating the bathroom and think of a way to design it so that it’s not only practical but also beautiful, read the article. Today, we’ve put together some tips and ideas that will help you to learn how to use some smart techniques to design and organize a spectacular and unique Eco-friendly bathroom.

Use natural materials to decorate your bathroom

Ceramic tiles that are always present in a modern setting, can be replaced with some elements of organic nature, that are more spectacular in terms of aesthetics. Wood and natural stone can make your bathroom look luxurious without costing you a fortune. If you choose to decorate your bathroom with natural stone, limit yourself to a few small areas, because you can do more harm than good. Stone should be used sparingly, if possible only in exposed areas such as the walls around the bathtub, inside the shower or around the sink. No less spectacular are the bathrooms that are designed with wooden floors. You can still bring the wood in the decor as other elements, such as the bathroom mirror or closet.

Create a main focal point

Consider choosing a particular design for your bathtub, such as freestanding type models, with or without legs. But you should know that this type of tubs are more suitable in large, spacious bathrooms. If you have a generous budget you can opt for a copper tub that is very fashionable, but also wooden models that can be purchased online. A cheaper alternative would be to opt for a bathtub made of barrels which is ideal for organic bathrooms decorated in rustic style.

Lighting effect

You already know that the bathroom, like any room in the house, must be equipped with lighting, but with some specially light fixtures adapted to high humidity conditions. If you want to create an enjoyable atmosphere, try to find lighting fixtures that have a strong decorative impact but most importantly consider investing in LED lights, which are more Eco-friendly than traditional bulbs.

Organization tips

When organizing things around your bathroom, don’t forget to use your wall space. Install several shelves on which you can place your favorite beauty products or hang your towels or bathrobe. Instead of using plastic containers to store your things, a good idea would be to use wicker baskets that can be recycled when they can no longer be used.

Use Eco-friendly products and appliances

A great way to care about the environment without having to take drastic measures is to replace your beauty products and appliances with Eco-friendly products. For instance, if you use the traditional razor on a daily basis, you should try to replace it with an electric shaver. The majority of consumers in America buy and discard 2 billion disposable razors a year, so they are not a great solution after all. A high quality electric shaver on the other hand, is very convenient because it can last for a really long time and in case it breaks, you can recycle the battery or other components. If you have never used one, you can learn more about them by perusing some shaver reviews on That website is very helpful for people who want to buy an electric shaver. Choose one with a cleaning station if you are worried about hygiene.