Is Dodge Charger the world’s fastest car?


Fast cars aren’t only for the race track. They are also for mundane driving. Although it may not seem possible, you can drive a car really, really fast and still be safe. Cars that are able to reach top speeds in seconds have many safety features, so you can accelerate without fearing that you will cause an auto accident. A fast vehicle is the dream of any driver. If you want an automobile that allows you to accelerate to 150 MPH or more, you should get a Dodge Charger. Yet, a car of this type isn’t affordable, which is why you might consider buying used. Edmunds offers used Dodge Charger if you’re interested. The Dodge Charger is said to be the world’s fastest car. Is it, really? To find out if this rid ride is indeed a powerful demon, keep reading.

6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine

The Dodge Charger may be a sedan, but it’s an incredibly powerful one. The vehicle’s high performance is due to its engine, the 6.2-liter HEMI V8. If you have been living under a rock or you don’t like cars, you don’t know that HEMI is equivalent to powerful engines. The HEMI engine is designed to produce a great deal of power, producing up to 700 horsepower.  Not only is the 6.2-liter HEMI v8 engine powerful, it’s better than most V6 models. What you need to know is that the engine was designed for power, durability, torque, and economy.

All-wheel-drive performance

If the engine doesn’t impress you, then maybe the all-wheel-drive performance will. The all-wheel-drive system is an innovation, featuring an active transfer case as well as front-axle disconnect components. Let’s not forget about electric power steering. The AWD is found only in supercars, working hard to get the power to the wheels. The available all-wheel-drive system doesn’t require any input from your part, making driving child’s play.

Aerodynamic styling

Aerodynamics has always been a key element in car performance. Why? Because it makes the vehicle go faster. The Dodge Charger has an aerodynamic shape, achieving one of the best drag coefficients. Because it has an aerodynamic styling, the ride uses less fuel. The air flows easily over it and not too much energy is needed to make the car go forward. To maintain the aerodynamic efficiency of the Dodge Charger, don’t add any accessories.

So, is the Dodge Charger the world’s fastest car? It may not be the fastest car the world has ever seen, but it certainly is a power demon.