Is the Electric Dryer Eco-Friendly?

Nowadays, increasingly more people opt for a dryer in order to have their clothes dry in a short time. Would you like to get a similar appliance as well, but your are not sure if this is the best choice you could make? Are you wondering if the electric dryer is eco-friendly or not? If so, then, reading this article, you will definitely find the information that you need.

What options are on the market nowadays?

Before you actually choose a product, you must know what options are on the market nowadays. In this case, you must know that you will find in the specific shops, gas and electric dryers. Appliances that run on gas are less expensive to operate that the ones that run on electricity, but they are definitely far more expensive to buy. Depending on what you actually want, you could go for a type or another. However, people usually want a product that will help them save money on their bills, even if they will need to pay more money for it.

Is the electric dryer an eco-friendly option?

Are you wondering if an electric dryer is eco-friendly? If so, then you will probably be surprised to find out that it is not. Lots of people think that this type of appliances is best to buy, but they are not. If we have to compare gas machines with electric ones, then units that run on gas are far more eco-friendly than the ones that run on electricity, or at least, this is what specialists say. Many homes have electricity that it is produced with fossil fuels, which actually means that only 30% of the original heat in the fossil fuels will convert into electricity, and around 5% will be definitely lost in the transmission, from the power base to your home. Burning coal can produce more CO2 per therm of heat than the natural gas. Therefore, in case you get the electricity from coal, it is highly recommended that you go for a natural gas household appliance, rather than an electric one. By doing so, you will certainly protect the environment and you by cutting the CO emissions. In case your energy supplier is a green one, then you can go for an electric unit due to the fact that it won’t produce any CO2 emissions. Otherwise, you should opt for a gas machine because from an environmental perspective, these models are the most highly recommended.