Plants that Help You Sleep Better at Night

Having troubles sleeping is something that can ruin your mood and lower your yield in performing even the simplest daily chores. This is why it’s very important to look for ways to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders and you can manage this with the help of some useful plants. Besides being beautiful and enhancing the design of your bedroom, the following plants can reduce stress, anxiety, and can improve the quality of your sleep.


This is a plant well-known for its soothing effect that has made it popular in aromatherapy and many spa procedures. You can keep it in your bedroom in a pot, you can place a vase with lavender near the bed, you can use it as essential oil placed on a hot surface, in the water you bath or dried in small satchels that you can place under your pillow. The strong scent of lavender can relax your brain and induce sleep faster than many other plants.


This delicate exotic plant has a delicate scent that is very soothing for your mind so you will sleep like a baby if you keep it in your bedroom. Its scent is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, thus helping you sleep better at night, which will result in a higher productivity during the day.

Snake plant

Another plant that will improve the quality of your sleep, but not through its scent but through the air purifying properties is Snake plant or Mother-in Law’s Tongue. This efficient room plant has a great ability to create oxygen at night while reducing the level of carbon monoxide so you will manage to breathe easier while you sleep. It can also filter some unpleasant odors from the air, thus being a great air quality enhancer.


The glossy evergreen leaves and the scented blossoms of the beautiful Gardenia flower make it a great bedroom plant that has powerful effects in relieving stress and inducing sleep. Although they are harder to care for than other house plants, it’s worth investing your time and effort in these powerful sleep-inducing plants, especially if you suffer from insomnia.


This perennial plant has a sweet scent coming from its pink or white flowers, which makes it a good choice for a bedroom plant. Moreover, the root is considered a highly efficient remedy in fighting insomnia and simply inhaling the strong smell of this root can make you fall asleep faster and achieve a restful sleep throughout the night.