Potential Problems with Adhesive Tape Products


Humans have been making good use of adhesive products for an enormous variety of purposes for basically thousands of years. There’s been an incredible amount of research conducted into new-generation adhesive products that today’s market is really the most impressive and extensive that has ever been. There is literally an adhesive product for any purpose imaginable and general quality standards have never been better. Nonetheless, there will always be those cases where for some reason, the adhesive tapes used are simply not sticking.

Among adhesive manufacturers, medical tape convertors, 3M tape convertors and so on, the most common issue received in terms of adhesive tapes is that they would simply not stick to the required surface. And when an adhesive product doesn’t stick, it’s naturally rendered redundant. The thing is however, in basically 99.9% of cases it has nothing to do with the adhesive product itself. Or at least, it has nothing much to do with the properties of the tape when it was produced and supplied. There are many things that could affect the sticking properties of an adhesive tape. So if you find yourself in a situation where such a product just doesn’t do its job, you may want to check the following points before going any further:

  1. Have you already used the same adhesive to carry out the same job? If so, did it go well before? If the answer is yes, precisely what could be different this time that is affecting its properties? Are the work conditions the same as before? Are you using it in a different way? Has the adhesive formula changed?
  2. Is this the first time you are using this specific adhesive tape to carry out this particular job? If the answer is yes, it can very well be that the adhesive is simply not suited to the materials or surfaces you’re looking to bond, or that the environmental conditions are not suitable.
  3. Are you confident that the surfaces to be bonded are immaculately clean? It’s very important to remember that cleaning the surfaces before the application of an adhesive product also means to remove any surface dust present and to ensure they are totally dry. If there’s even the slightest trace of dust, dirt, grease or moisture of any kind, it can detrimentally affect the ability of the adhesive product to create the required bond.
  4. Is it possible that your own hands contaminated the adhesive product or the surfaces? It is one thing to make sure that the surface itself is completely clean, but you might still cause trouble if your hands are greasy, wet or just dirty in general when the tape is applied. Even something like hand cream could have a negative impact on adhesive tapes.
  5. Have you considered the ambient temperature? While there are naturally exceptions, the large majority of adhesive products will not offer a reliable, secure and fast bond if the surface or the tape is cold. And naturally, an excessively high temperature can also have a negative impact on the adhesive you use.
  6. Is the surface to be bonded appropriate for the adhesive product? Precisely what kinds of surfaces any adhesive product is suitable for is determined by its specific properties. While there are some adhesives that are extremely effective with uneven and rough surfaces, others are practically useless unless the surface is perfectly flat and smooth. If this is something you have not taken into account, it can be the explanation you’re looking for.
  7. Has the tape roll been exposed to any kind of moisture? Try to bear in mind that just because you have not submerged the tape in water does not mean that excessive moisture caused by humidity can’t have damaged its adhesive properties. If the adhesive tape has not been stored in a dry and cool place, this could very well be where the problem lies.
  8. Did you buy the adhesive from a reputable manufacturer? Last up, it is worth bearing in mind that the differences in quality from one adhesive manufacturer to the next are sometimes really night and day. Which in turn means that if you intend to cut corners on costs in the first place, you can’t really expect the adhesive you purchase to be the best for the job.