Questions you should ask when talking with your artificial turf installer


You find yourself in the front of a big decision, if you should install artificial turf in the front of your house, or you should opt for natural one. Well, it is advisable to choose artificial grass if you have a busy schedule, and you do not want to lose your time in watering and maintaining the turf. Also, if you choose this option you can be sure that the landscape in the front of your house will look amazing, and all your neighbours will envy you. Nowadays, providers design artificial lawn that looks incredibly natural, so you should not be surprised if there are people who are asking you, how you manage to keep the lawn looking so great. So, all you have to do is to find a grono landscaper, and ask them help you install the lawn you want so much. Here are some questions you should ask them, to make sure you have all the information you need, when you install artificial turf.

What is artificial grass made of?

In the majority of cases, manufacturers produce it with a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene, which means that it consists of synthetic fibres that have a natural look. These fibres are joined with silica sand and rubber granules to help the blades maintain their upright position. If your landscaper is an expert in this domain, they will know to respond you this question. If they have a hard time doing it, then you should consider working with someone else.

What is the difference between the synthetic turf models you offer?

When getting in touch with the landscaper, they should offer you different options of synthetic grass, because every landscape requires a different type of turf. In addition, they should be able to tell you what the different between them is. Keep in mind that not all the products you will find on the market meet the minimum standards of safety and development, and you should ask the installer if the product they are using meets the guidelines required by law. Also, there are used different products for residential lawns and for commercial fields, so you should choose a landscaper which has experience in residential spaces.

Is artificial grass safe for children?

It is important for you as a parent to know if the artificial lawn you choose is safe for children. The majority of turfs are absolutely safe for the little ones, but you should make sure you ask the landscaper. You should work with an installer that uses products softer than natural grass, so in case your children would play and fall, they will not be hurt. Artificial lawn produces no pollen, so the children will not suffer from allergies. Also, make sure that the provider offers you anti-microbial lawn; because you have to be sure that, your lawn lessens the chances of children getting in touch with bacteria. In case you have pets, then you should ask the landscaper, if you should choose a certain type of artificial grass, to be pet-friendly.