Solar Panel Buying Guide

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and many homeowners are getting more interested in this technology that is believed to revolutionize the industry and to help people lead a more environmentally-friendly life. Because we support green living technologies, we decided to give you a hand in choosing the best solar panel for your home.

The efficiency of solar panels is important

Not all green living technologies are equally efficient. When you buy a solar panel, it’s efficiency is the main detail you have to pay attention to because the more efficient a solar panel is, the more energy it will generate and more money you will be saving from your solar system. To determine its efficiency, you will have to check the minimum warranted power of the solar panel which is the maximum output it will offer. When manufactured in batch, the manufacturer only test one item and determines its minimum warranted power to, lets say, 200w. The rest of the items will produce around 10% less power, so the manufacturer sets a negative power rating of 10% of the total power, so the unit will only offer 180w. This is a detail to keep in mind when buying a solar panel.

You should look for high PTC ratings

Another important aspect is the PTC rating or Panel Testing Conditions, which is a rating required by most states before a solar panel enters the market. This rating differs from the STC or the Standard Testing Conditions as its a superior benchmark that determines the quality of the panel. If two panels have the same STC of 200w but one of them has a PTC of 150w while the other has 200w, it’s clear that the panel with a 200w PTC is more reliable and efficient. A higher PTC rating makes a solar panel a better deal although it might cost a little more. Buying a panel with a lower PTC will force you to buy several other panel in order to achieve your desired power, which will imply further costs.

The quality of solar panels matters

You can say about a solar panel that it’s a quality unit if it’s durable and will offer you great performance in time. As the panel will offer you energy and you will enjoy its results, it will degrade and will eventually become useless. This doesn’t happen with quality solar panels that are made of better materials and are more durable in time, so you will enjoy their efficiency for long. Generally speaking, a mono-crystalline panel is better than a multi-crystalline panel when it comes to degradation and efficiency.