Tips for student accommodation – ask your room mate these things first


Are you one of those who are looking for student accommodation? Do you feel like this is a more affordable option for you? Well, then there are some things that you have to bear in mind, before doing the first step. This is the reason why we have prepared you a list with questions that you have to ask your future roommates, in order to make sure that you are on the same wave length. And believe us when we say that a wrong companion can ruin your mood and even your student period. And here they are:

Where would you like as to live?

Have you talked with your friends about moving together during the student period? Well, this great, but the next step is finding a good accommodation, which comes with both good conditions and some affordable prices. And if you do not have any clue, a good suggestion in this case is looking for student accommodation Newcastle because you have the option to choose from some of the most modern places. And do not worry about how large the place is because you can find even a six bedroom house.

How are you going to share the costs?

Well, be prepared because in this case conflicts may arise. And try to manage them with calm. This means that you will also have to be honest and to suggest having a common budget for some of the spending such as utilities. Also, try to be tolerant and let the person who has a smaller room to pay less than the other who have a larger space and better conditions.

What are you going to eat, when you move together?

Are you going to share the food or to cook together? This is a good idea if you have the same preferences, but if you do not, be prepared for arguments. Also, be careful when you manage your budget for shopping. On the other hand, bear in mind the fact that cooking can also involve finding a kitchen which should contain all the necessary devices such as the fridge, the oven, the microwave and so on. Take into consideration this aspect when you are looking for accommodations.

Is your mate allowed to borrow your things without permission?

If it is not, make sure that you make things clear. There are some persons who have received a good education during their childhood, but who think that your relationship is so familiar that you can share the same things, without even asking.  Maybe a paper with some rules put on the fridge is not such a bad idea.