What car should you buy if you want to live a green life

If you are looking for a car that is nature friendly and offers the best driving experience you can think of, your answer is Ford Fiesta. It is a small, reliable car that does no significant harm to the environment and is also affordable. In case you are under a budget, you can also opt for a used car. Even though you might consider this something that’s not desirable or recommended, Edmunds states that used Ford Fiesta can do exactly what a new one can. These are quality cars that don’t disappoint their drivers. See below what kind of features this car can offer.

Basic features

Well, first thing you will want to know is that the Ford Fiesta is a mid-range car that’s not too expensive, even when bought new. It can reach up to $15000 depending on the features you are going to select. Buying a used car is more convenient from all the existent points of view. The Ford Fiesta is a four-doored cat that can hold up to five passengers. Given the fact that is a small-sized car it is quite surprising that it is spacious enough for a family trip. The engine is a 1.6 litre with a five-speed manual transmission making it safe to drive. The engine type is regular and it can go up to approximately 120 horsepower at 6350 RPM.

Interior and entertainment

When it comes to interior and entertainment the Ford Fiesta comes with a SYNC system, typical for Ford vehicles that have a voice recognition feature, an emergency assist, a smart-charging port for your phone, compatible car apps and a wide LCD monitor placed in centre. You can also make good use of the remote keyless entry which will allow you to stop searching for your key each time you have to leave. Simply put it in your bag or your pocket and you are ready to go.


Ford planned launching the new Fiesta ECOnetic line up since forever and this is the perfect opportunity to go one step further with nature-friendly cars. The CO2 emission is highly reduced reaching a value of approximately 90g per kilometre. There are no dramatic changes regarding the power of this car making it quite the right choice when you care about the environment. These specs might make you reconsider your options before buying a long-term car.